Managing isolation

Sweden has once again raised the threat level and we're supposed to go into isolation. My girlfriend and I talked about how to manage this and stay creative and sane. We brainstormed and came up with a list of activities:

European films

We decided to start out with the last entry on the list, and printed a paper with every country in Europe. Then I cut them out into small individual pieces and folded them. Finally placing them in a mug, we drew five paper notes each and these were the countries we should start finding films from.

Her first five countries:

My first five:

This feels like a really fun challenge and is going to give us a lot of new experiences we wouldn't have had if not for covid isolation. Choices will be presented below.

1. Finland. "Aurora" (2019)

2. Albania. "Three Windows and a Hanging" (2014)

3. The Netherlands. "Antonia" (1995)