artifex vitae

Welcome to my home in Flounder town. You can find the rest of the folks (and get your own home) over at
the town square.

This is my second website created in what I like to call the "semi secret backyard of the Internet". It feels a little like entering Diagon Alley. While all the muggles hang out in closed quarters like Facepoop and Instagated community, there is another world out here where people are more free and do magic with their words and code. The Alchemists of Internet.


I consider myself more of a word magician than a code one. I do try to learn different types of code (mostly HTML and CSS right now), but I don't in any way excel in any of them. However, I like to write words in the more plain form. I guess it's called 'content' nowadays. More of a words guy than a framework guy, so far. Since that's the case I really like places like this. Super easy to get a site rolling, and let the words flow.

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My gemlog (nothing to see there at the time)
A very good analysis of Relevant Community, made by zach