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This is my second website created in what I like to call the "semi secret backyard of the Internet". It feels a little like entering Diagon Alley. While all the muggles hang out in closed quarters like Facepoop and Instagated community, there is another world out here where people are more free and do magic with their words and code. The Alchemists of Internet.

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A registered nurse among other things. The title of this page used to be 'artifex vitae', which translates to English as 'life artist'. 'Livskonstnär' in Swedish. I suppose I aimed to express that I'm not my profession. I'm beyond my profession.

Most of the skills I learned (e.g. Nursing, electrical work and gardening) I learned because they are fundamental to survival and are infrastructural backbones in society. But they are also fun. I couldn't bare myself to do something boring for a longer period. I did try, and failed utterly.

Thank you Swedish system of education, for making it possible for me to study all these interesting and practical things for free (not counting my massive student loans and a ton of literature).

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