fishy sites

What's up with the fish references in the latest internet places I've invested my time in? First it was special.fish (SF), and now I've found this, flounder.online (FO). Can someone elaborate on this, please?


When I started using SF in June 10 of this year it was a stark contrast to the Internet I'd become used to through all the gated communities built by Facepoop et al.

It was very liberating and inspiring to just poke around, looking at peoples profiles and following their links. I felt hope again, like opening a bedroom window in the early morning and smell the fresh air.

To be honest though, I also felt a little stressed out. There was so much I wanted to indulge myself in, and so little time. There is so much beauty out there, and I want to experience it all.


FO entered my life quite recently, as a consequence of exploring the gemeni protocol with my friend Mikael. It was so lightweight and easy to take part in that I got immediately hooked.

The ease with how I can create constant and sub pages makes it ideal for writing. I find it better suited for this than SF. I do miss the colours and the @mention from SF though, and it feels like they both can have a complementary place in my online presence.

Thanks a lot to the creators of them both!