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Trying out the new folder system, I think I understood the concept. Many thanks to Alex for hosting and developing this place!

I'm struggling to create a personal website for myself, where I can have a portfolio and CV, plus texts and other stuff. Until I succeed (and also afterwards) this place is golden. I need to keep writing, and I can do that here. The learning and get-up-and-run curve is basically zero. Fits me perfectly while I dabble with what framework (if any) I should use for my personal site. Feels like I've tried them all. WordPress, Jekyll, Hugo, r-markdown, DokuWiki and so on.

Right now I'm back to doing it all from scratch, but maybe using Tachyons for the CSS. My site is darn ugly so far. With a baby and two jobs I get to sit five or ten minutes at a time, so progress I frustratingly slow. Maybe I'll get satisfied with my CV right in time for retirement.

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